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packages. We provide our home based agents with a wide array of award-winning marketing programs from our direct mail to lead generation programs and integra…
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Going green isn’t a business decision that is limited only to land. Port of San Diego tenant and partner Hornblower cruises and Events has taken its environm…
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55 Responses to Cruises Inc. Marketing – Home based travel agent business

  1. Anny says:

    My 2 friends and I were all girls in college on a budget and we are planning a trip to san fran. We live in tustin. We wanna know what would be cheaper flying or driving. We will be leaving in June. What are some rlly cheap motels or hotels. What are some things to do and what shall we see. We are going for cheap but we wanna have fun. I will be 19 but the other 2 will be 18, R there any good 18 and over clubs and how do we stay safe as we r still young thanks!

  2. Denali says:

    I’m going to San Diego for a week in July. I’ve never been to CA before and don’t know much about this city, except that I hear it’s beautiful. For those who have been there, what are your suggestions for a tourist to do? (Besides the Zoo). :) Oh, and FYI – I love museums and tours, but I’m also an outdoorsy person who likes the water and nature – if that helps!

  3. Beavis says:

    What kind of clothing is supposed to be worn? like formal? What should i expect on the cruise?

  4. Agent 47 says:

    We like:

    Romantic restaurants
    Organic food
    Wine tours (Napa)
    Going out (clubs, bars, live bands)
    Sight seeing
    Shopping (well I do- he doesn’t).

    Any suggestions for places to go??

  5. Hayden says:

    Just wondering if anyone has done this 2 hour cruise? It’s not a dinner thing, just drinks. Wondering how big the boat is and if there are a lot of people?

  6. Sonny says:

    Hornblower Cruises Inc. reported the following results for the year ending October 31, 2010:

    Retained earnings, November 1, 2009 $1,500,000
    Net income 475,000
    Cash dividends declared 50,000
    Stock dividends declared 300,000

    Prepare a retained earnings statement for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2010. Enter all amounts as positive numbers.

    Retained earnings, November1,2009 is 1500000
    Net Income is 475000
    Less dividends declared is ?
    Increase in retained earings is?

  7. steve says:

    I found that if I go threw a contractor( to build me a house) without my real estate agent I can save 10,000 dollars! My dilliema is I signed a buyers agent agreement, does the agreement mean I just can’t use another agent or does it also mean I can’t buy a house at all without her recieving commission?

  8. Cliffy N says:

    I really want to be an actress and I’ve heard that you need an agent to get you auditions and stuff like that. How would I go about getting one. I live in a small town and acting agents don’t just come knocking on doors.

  9. hank baseballs says:

    I’m an independent agent licensed to sell health and life insurance. I’m considering getting my p&c license. What p&c companies allow independent agents to sell their insurance? Do I need to create an agency to sell p&c? If so, what does this involve?

    Thank you for your time!

  10. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I am asking my real estate agent to show me 5 houses next week and I want to pay him. I am very picky and it might take more than one year to find the right house, but in the meantime I want to pay my real estate agent to show me houses. Is $30 enough for 5 houses, or not?

  11. Joey 01 says:

    I mean, most writers get an agent who’ll help them get published. You can get published without one, but it’s a lot easier with one. But what if an agent wants to write a book? Do they usually contact an agent friend to help them, or send a query to an agent they don’t know, or do they try to get it published without one? Anyone know?

  12. Ryan Z says:

    Why would an agent take a chance on such a late-bloomer?

  13. superdork says:

    Auto & Health Ins
    Is there a minimum or maximum amount a licensed insurance agent may charge for a referral to another licensed agent in Texas.

    If I come into contact with many people that need auto insurance, have my license, but don’t have time to assist could I just continuously refer for a fee?
    Is this the same for Health Insurance referrals? Why would most agents not be interesed?

  14. Lia-lu-li says:

    I understand that when you sell your home, I would expect about 6% of the selling price to go to the selling agent. However, if you do not already own and you are working with an agent to purchase, what are the fees payable to the agent who finds you a home? Or are they paid only by the seller?

  15. whites are not the only racists says:

    I would like to become a travel agent. I am looking for training. Can you recommend a good online school and the ones to stay away from?
    What are the advantages of becoming a travel agent?
    Should I sign up with an agency?
    Thanks for your help

  16. Rkmc says:

    I have been a real estate agent in other states but I need to get a license here. What is the process and how much does it cost? Thank you!

  17. Malcolm Hudson says:

    I would like to become a federal agent and i need to know what are some good colleges to go to. Also what are the types of things i need to study. i would like to be a field agent for The ATF or DEA.

  18. Ray D says:

    I currently use a letting agent to rent out our house while we are living and working abroad, but we are not entirely happy with the agents, but are more than happy with the current tenants. Is it possible to change agents but keep the tenants, is it simple to do, and what is the best way to go about it? Thanks for any replies.

  19. toast says:

    I am interested in becoming an online travel agent for a travel agency that mostly does business online. Do you know any reputable companies that are looking for agents?


  20. Jose B says:

    I am a licensed agent in Cleveland OH and would like to sell and market property for all branches of the military.
    As a licensee in Ohio, I am interested in becoming a preferred agent to military people to sell their property as well as sell properties to them.

  21. zaclo says:

    Is it a talent agent, or a literary agent— and is it a really expensive service? Thanks!

  22. borabora5524 says:

    I am wanting to find an agent for my books, but don’t want to be scammed. Is there a way I can find one to submit my work to the is legitimate?

  23. Sonny says:

    How to do find the oxidizing agent in the conversion of copper metal to copper (II) ion?
    Identify the oxidizing agent in the conversion of copper (II) ion to copper metal.
    Classify the type of reaction for the conversion of copper (II) oxide to copper (II) sulfate.

  24. Jason M says:

    Ok, so I wrote a screenplay, so how do I get an agent, what websites do I go to, to look for an agent? And what happens then? Do I send the agent a query letter like I would a book agent? How do I approach the screenwriting agent about a script I have? Someone help! Is there a website I can go to that can tell me all the steps on how to go about writing a query letter or approaching a screenwriting agent on a script that I have?

  25. musicistabest says:

    How does a person become an independent travel agent?

    I am looking for the following information:

    General cost of courses
    Length of courses
    The amount of money (generally) a travel agent makes yearly
    Is there a high and low season for travel agents?
    When you are independent, do you work through an established agency for a fee?

    Last but not least, if you have any websites that go into good detail, that would be helpful. My husband brought it up and I’m checking it out. Thanks.

  26. Jeracoo L says:

    I write children’s poetry and want to locate agents who have published authors in the genre of silly poetry and stories that I write. I also wanted to ensure that the agent is legitimate,has expertise and contacts necessary and not waste my time.

  27. PillowMan1234 says:

    2N2H4 + N2O4 → 3N2 +4H2O

    How do you find the oxidizing agent and reducing agent?

    Can someone please explain?

  28. Squall Leonhart says:

    Can a talent agent provide assistance; if you do not have a car to get to your first or next audition or possible project (without auditioning). For example to drive you personally to the location.
    What if you going for an acting job?

  29. have faith says:

    Also, what is the difference between a real estate agent, realtor, buyers agent, and listing agent?? Cant a real estate agent and realtor be a listing agent and buyers agent? I am SOOO confused?

  30. ericmreitz says:

    is getting an agent really competitive? i live in NYC and i’m 13 years old. please give me some info on how agents work and how you can get one.

  31. DuckieM10 says:

    My agent is very nice and I want her to get commission however I plan to build a brand new house with construction area.

    So, is there a way for her to get commission? Thanks.
    Because I don’t want to handle the contract by myself. She is helpful to me.

  32. Kobe says:

    We have a real estate agent and are looking for a house to buy. When a house is listed for sale by owner, how would our agent get paid? Is there any etiquette to follow in these situations?

  33. Sriram R says:

    1) The oxidizing agent receives electrons from the reducing agent.
    2) The oxidation agent takes electrons from the reducing agent.
    3) The oxidizing agent reduces the reducing agent.
    4) The oxidizing agent increases the reducing agent.
    (Which one is it, I reallllyyy need the asnwer asap!) >.<

  34. white man says:

    I want to become a agent for a publisher, not become a publisher. Would English, business, entrepreneurship and such be alright?

  35. clntvrrt says:

    I’m 15 from Melbourne and have an agent here. My father works in New York and I get free transportation to and from New York whenever I please (Don’t lecture me about being spoilt).

    I’m signed to a record label in the States, and am looking for more exposure over there. Are their agents that specifically deal with Broadway theatre shows? If so, do you have any you could recommend?

    I’d very much appreciate it!

  36. Spider Pc says:

    i have been looking forever for an agent. i am a teenager and i need a trustworthy agent. does anyone know a great agency ready for me?

  37. RxP DarkBox says:

    I just graduate from college and I want to become a sports agent. I’m having a hard to breaking into the field. Can I get some advice from someone who have an sports agent career?

  38. mal_functiongeo says:

    Can a seller tell his listing agent to offer other agents a monetary bonus, in addition to their regular commission, as an incentive to find prospective buyers. The seller will pay the bonus at closing.
    Is this ethical / legal, typically done? Seems like a bribe to me.
    Also, in the best interest of the seller, the prospective buyer should not be aware of this monetary bonus/incentive. Correct?

  39. Mark says:

    What does a talent agent need to see from an actor to consider them for representation. For example, do you need an acting reel or is that only a helpful addition? How much principal acting experience is best?

    Or, what is the minimum amount of any sort of experience an agent will consider for representation?


  40. Peter says:

    I have a modeling and acting agent (more for acting than modeling). I signed with them a little over a week ago. How soon should I expect to be called for a job?

  41. Alina Elliott says:

    Does the home buyer agent show the buyer the property or does the seller’s agent? I live in Cleveland Ohio.

  42. Roflcopter says:

    We’re looking to buy a house. My husband suggested we only view houses with the listing agent. He feels that we will save money in the long run if there’s only one agent involved instead of two. A friend says it doesn’t work this way, and it’s the seller who will have to pay both agent commissions out of their sale price. Can someone please clarify?

  43. Rkmc says:

    How can i upgrade from economy to first class when my travel agent isnt ready to do so?
    How can i upgrade from economy to first class when my travel agent isnt ready to do so?
    and hes giving stupid excuses which arent valid… my fathers medical condition is such that he needs first class seat in the airplane…can i sue this travel agent ? what are my consumer rights in this case?

  44. Marlon P says:

    Has anyone ever been a travel agent or known a travel agent that made alot of money or that owned any kind of travel business and was successful? I would like to know what kind of license I need in order to be a legitimate travel agent. I am based in New York. Is there are school I need to go to or training online. What company should I affiliate myself with? Any travel agents, please give me the low down. Thanks.

  45. Goe122 says:

    I heard that if you visit a sales office, you should put your agent’s name down, not yours, otherwise the agent cannot get their commissions. Is that true? Can I use that as a bargaining tool with the developer if I don’t use a buying agent? Or if I do use an agent, can I negotiate some sort of rebate from the agent since I have basically located the property on my own?

  46. Milk84 says:

    I am interested in getting an agent to get into the entertainment industy, but i am wondering how much it will cost me.And does anyone have any tips on becoming an actress and following my dream?

  47. Franklin Bluth says:

    For example:
    What is the oxidizing agent in the following redox equation?
    H(+) +I(-) +Cr2O7(-2) –> Cr(3+) +I2 +H20

    I’m not sure how to figure out what the oxidizing agent is, or the reducing agent in similar equations.

  48. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    I am currently 16 and a junior in high school and i am looking to become an FBI agent. I LOVE playing basketball and i play everyday but with a only a .02% chance of making it to the NBA, i want to have something to fall back on and i am strongly considering becoming an FBI agent if all else fails.

  49. Andre says:

    I had my agent make our 3rd addendum and do not feel that the other agent is presenting our offer to his client. How can we make sure he is?

  50. The Inc says:

    When an agent request a synopsis and three sample chapters, if they don’t specify the first three can you send any three from the book? Do they have to run consecutively or can they be random?

  51. baldy eire says:

    I’m a real estate agent and I would like to hear from home buyers and sellers. I have two questions, and I would like only one answer for each question, although you may elaborate as much as you want on that one answer!

    1. As a home buyer, what is the single most important service
    you want/need from your agent?

    2. As a home buyer, what is the single most important quality
    you want/need your agent to have?

    3. As a home seller, what is the single most important service
    you want/need from your agent?

    4. As a home seller, what is the single most important quality
    you want/need your agent to have?

    Please don’t state the obvious, like “I want my agent to find me the right home” or “I want my agent to sell my house fast.”

    What I really want to know is what service and quality make you comfortable that the agent will find the right home for you and sell your home fast.

    Thanks for your time!

  52. Gage says:

    I want to become a travel agent but the only positions I’ve found were for experienced agents. So, how does one gain experience in the travel industry if nobody will hire you unless you have experience? It’s a catch 22!!! Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  53. Hayden says:

    My wife and I have interviewed a few agents and are at a stalemate.
    Do we go with an agent who is very well networked? an agent who did the most research and seems to have the best grasp of correct listing price? an agent who didn’t do as much research but who provided good suggestions for staging and the emotional response the pics and staging would have on a perspective buyer? They all had their strong points. Am I missing something or are networking, pricing/research, and staging the most important?
    Thank you in advance.

  54. therundown2k3 says:

    My current agent (Remax) is not working good for me. I’d like to change to a new agent (also Remax). Will they know?
    I am talking about buyers agent here.
    and i haven’t signed any contract.

  55. kerrin marz says:

    for 30 people and of course with dinner served.

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